Things that WTS has taught me

Before what’s the story I never really did a lot of filming. I like to watch short documentaries about things that were important to me.  I also like to watch films that were about things these days, and current problems. When I heard about what’s the story I got excited because it was exactly that. It was a program that we could work on filming, and we got to pick a topic that we thought was important. I never really filmed, I like to take pictures, but I didn’t ever really think of making a film/documentary myself. So I’ve learned a lot so far in what’s the story.

 Some of the most interesting things learned in what’s the story that you intentionally taught me in particular: I learned the rule of thirds, I learned how to make the lighting work for you and your film, I learned how you might want to change the background of your film, maybe make it blurry. I also learned more, I learned that to keep people interested in a film you have to do different things. Maybe change the view that the person is watching from. So in conclusion I have learned so much!

What are a few of the most interesting things you’ve learned that might surprise us because we didn’t deliberately teach it?: I have learned a lot, not just about filming but about other people’s topics. What is important to other people, social topics that other people and I have in common.  And, not just me, there are lots of people that have social topics that I also feel are good and I think a lot of people have in common. I have learned that other people can have the same social topics, and it doesn’t mean that you don’t care about that one specifically because you picked a different one. But it’s just one that you might think more people need to be informed about. 

Eloisa Johnson

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