#4 thinking about goals – first overnight retreat

I think I’ve earned a 3 for Identifying & Pursuing Questions. Since shifting away from Act 77, I’ve developed my understanding of the Vermont welfare system through discussion with a variety of people with diversified perspectives. However, I have struggled to make regular posts on my I-Search blog. Posting frequency aside, I think I’ve given the time to reflecting on my topic and finding the relevant perspectives. I’ve spoken with recipients of welfare, outside observers, a senator on the Health and Welfare committee, and an individual with thirty years of experience in Texas as an advocate for lower class families through schools. All in all, despite having trouble clearly devoting time to synthesize my thoughts in a blog, I’ve grown to understand the fundamentals of the Vermont welfare system to a point where I could competently speak on the issue.

As I step into a new phase with WTS, I hope to tackle my issue of time management by clearly devoting a study hall period to working on my research and blogging. I think a defined time frame will help me plot out what work I need to complete. As for communicating with my peers, I think we have a pretty good mix of systems using slack and social media. Finally, beyond organization, I don’t know where the weaknesses in my case research lie, but I expect I’ll have a better hold on that in the near future.

James Tedesco

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