Those Four Walls

I am the one who wonders what life has to offer outside of those four walls we call a school. I am the one that explores new opportunities. The one that pushes the limits to discover and think outside of the walls. The one who wants to explore new challenges and opportunities. I want to dive into new ideas. Before I become tied down. The one who never gets lost in discovery and lets discovery guide the process and find purpose. The process we call life. I’ve always been told, “life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re going to get”. As I wonder where I’m going or what I’m going to do. I always remember that life is an adventure. With a pre-decided beginning and end. What you make of the middle is what counts.  When tinkering with the middle I always wonder what I’m going to get. Good or bad I wonder how to make the most out of it. The one that makes the most out of every opportunity.


I am the one who wants to discover and think outside of those walls. The one that has a constant desire to learn more. With the goal of finding my true self-hidden under layers of forced knowledge. My hope is to discover more about what I’m interested in. By taking a breath of fresh air and running with it to reinforce previous knowledge. To guide the process of discovery and open endless possibilities. I want to make the most out of my experience with What’s the Story. Learning about issues that affect and intrigue my peers. As I conduct self-discovery. I am the one who is uncomfortable settling on one thing without discovering more. Without weighing the pros and cons. Without discovering more options. I am not the one that is set on one issue. I’m the one that looks deep into the issue within initial research. To decide if the topic is for me.


I am the one who wants to learn in a different way. Where I’m in charge of my own learning. Where I can spread my wings and soar above the clouds. With nothing holding me back except my own fears. I want to introduce my fears into reality. Push my limits. Explore new things and see where it takes me. All by viewing those four walls in the rearview mirror.

Meredith Gove

8 Responses to “Those Four Walls

  • “I want to dive into new ideas.”

    Dear Meredith,

    Your wish to dive into new ideas as you join the WTS community is exciting to read about – and to imagine the adventures you will have.

    I like to dive into new ideas myself and hope to follow your WTS journey this year.

    Dixie Goswami

  • Hi Meredith,

    I am intrigued with your idea of leaving the four walls of the typical classroom/school behind. It’s something, as a teacher, that I think about frequently.

    Many of us (students and teachers alike) struggle with the dichotomy of traditional educational experiences and newer (more exciting?) opportunities outside the usual walled-in setting. Combining these elements with issues of social/environmental justice is an exciting proposition. It’s evident in your writing that you are excited about it as well!

    I can’t wait to see what you discover!

    – Abigail

    • Hi Abigail, I always find it hard but exciting to take a different path from what you know to be comfortable. I can’t wait to see what this journey holds for me. -Meredith

  • Hi Meredith,

    Saying “that life is an adventure” is not only inspiring to others reading your blog and wondering about their own choices, but I think it will also keep you going and propel you forward this year. What’s the Story? is the perfect place to find an adventure, as the entire program is centered around your individual journey. Do any of your other classes give you some of the same freedom as What’s the Story? or put you “in charge” of your learning? If not, this program seems like a great experience for you, and a good change.

    You’re eager to start making a difference, and ready to “spread [your] wings” and “explore new things.” Your can-do attitude will make your project that much more intriguing, and your optimism will allow you to reach people when other means fall short.

    During our discussions at the kickoff, you talked about possibly exploring an issue in climate change, and maybe narrowing your focus to something that affects Vermont. Is that something you’re still interested in pursuing? There are many problems arising due to climate change globally, and we experience some of them here in Vermont. You can definitely find something you’re passionate about. But you seem very driven and motivated to make a difference, so even if you’ve changed your mind since the kickoff (as we’re all bound to do now and again), you’ll discover the particular issue you want to do something about. Make the most of this year, the time in the middle outside of your typical four walls.

  • Hi Meredith,

    I like your reference to the Forrest Gump movie. Open endless possibilities inspire you and you seem to want to make the most of this work here in What’s the Story? You say you feel constrained by the way you are learning in school know by referencing forced knowledge. I’m hoping we can all explore interests here in a way that feels real and connected to our curiosities.

    You say you spend time tinkering with the middle – I’m curious what you mean by the ‘middle’ — is this connected to feeling like you are stuck in the four walls?

    • Hi Liv- the “middle is referring to the middle of someone’s life and how they get some choice over what happens. Then when I referred to “the four walls” I’m talking about a traditional education setting. With how I’ve always wanted to do something outside of that “normal setting”. -Meredith

  • Rebecca Gove
    6 years ago

    It is great to see how excited you are about this program. I love that you have done and had many experiences outside of the classroom. I am so proud of you and the opportunities you find and take on. I look forward to seeing where wts takes you and makes you grow more.

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