Thoughts on social/natural climate problems

My name is Mateo Francisco Bango. I go to school at Woodstock high school. One defining feature I have is my musical taste. I really like all music (which I guess now that I really think about is nearly the opposite of defining). I was raised on the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, but I got into rap through my brother, and music more heavily produced through my other brother. I was introduced into more types of music like modern indie rock though my friends, and discovered a lot more genres on my own.

I am pretty confident in the affinity groups focuses(Climate Change, Body Positivity, Racism/Indigenous People/Abenaki), they are all super important. I feel personally positive about my body, but I can understand how some people could be in a social environment where they are not. The indigenous peoples issue is interesting because I’ve always been fascinated by other cultures, however, I am most interested in climate change. Climate change is something I try to battle each day, whether in just making sure products are climate friendly to climate activist groups.

I think in teams I can be a great asset but sometimes I fall victim to a de facto leadership mindset and this can be difficult to know where related boundaries lie, especially in situations that don’t warrant or need said role. This is something that can be a great aid too. I like working in teams because it brings out different points of view and creative processes that otherwise would’ve been unavailable.


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