Time Flies When You’re Busy

This has been a very hectic couple of weeks. While trying to maintain my good grades, I have been balancing this program and my school’s musical, Urinetown. In these past few weeks, I have had almost no free time! They went by so fast, kinda making me feel like they haven’t happened at all, except for all the homework that has piled up. Well, I should probably get to the prompt!

  1. Hmm… we haven’t been working together very much. The fact that Grace and I are both in hectic preparation for our schools’ musicals is getting in the way of our Google Hangouts. Despite all this, we are functioning well as a group when we are able to work together. For example, we have a Google Hangouts chain that we use for communication, which has worked well over the past few weeks. Also, we have a firm plan on what we need to do to be ready for the next retreat, which takes off some of the things that would need to be communicated. It’s always good to know what will need to be done in such a busy time!
  2. Currently, we are in the research phase of our project. We are both researching different subtopics surrounding our bigger topic, like current political movements or Act H.794, and these subtopics will lead to the forming of our complete interview list. Personally, I have done a lot of research on Act H.794, but I need to do more on the Eugenics movement, and I haven’t started researching organizations related to our topic.
  3. What are the “deadlines” for having different elements of our film, like raw footage or a edited cut? Also, what is the schedule for the next retreat, so I can plan when I am going to leave on Saturday? What has helped people in the past who have trouble with scheduling team meetings?

Hopefully these next few weeks will be easier to coordinate for my group! Grace’s musical is in a week (I think) and mine opens in 2 weeks from today, so I am not quite sure if that is even possible. Even though I am really stressed from it, I am fairly content with my busy lifestyle. I do better when I am busier, because once I have a goal, I will meet it by any means necessary.

Theo Ellis Novotny

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