To Those That Wonder- #8

To those that wonder what WTS is truly about. This is for you. Every year a cohort embarks on a year-long experience with an unknown outcome. With the hope of finding a lead or character that helps to reach the end goal of social change. While this may sound like a daunting task the community in which students take risks and accept challenges. Is along for the ride pushing learners further, asking questions, and striving to reach the same end goal.

Every young person has the drive to discover and push limits. WTS allows discovering a topic that one might never have the time or chance to look into. While integrating skills that are taught and developed in a classroom setting. Are nurtured within a blended environment. Of web communication as well as in person. The varied structure is inspiring. Driving the curriculum forward with students in control of the progress.

WTS can be considered as a flexible pathway experience for students like me that strive for a well rounded educational experience. In traditional or nontraditional ways. The main component is the willingness to be curiosity and flexibility. While also being connected to a topic that Vermont students are interested in creating a positive impact. With hopes of creating a documentary that resonates with a meaningful audience.

Since September excitement for the final product has been building. Making it increasingly more difficult to pull myself away from the work WE are doing. The limits we are pushing that would be considered overachievement within a normal classroom setting. But here they are just part of the process.

I’m constantly inspired by the work my team and the entire cohort is working on. In regards to changing the conversation within various topics. That get under the skin of young people all over Vermont. WTS is no ordinary experience, it’s truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Meredith Gove

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