Transgender Day of Awareness

Today is Trans Day of Remembrance. November is Trans Awareness Month. If Facebook hadn’t given you that trans support filter for your profile picture, would you have known? The answer is probably no. This is not an attack on you, you are most likely a cis person and therefore society does not require you to know such things. It is, however, an issue. We have developed a way of thinking that allows us to disregard things that do not apply to us personally. Issues are just not as important if they don’t have some personal connotations. This is why Breaking Binary is important, to give people a glimpse into what it is like to live outside of the cis binary. This post will be short and sweet and within it I urge you to think. Take a moment today to sit in your own silence. Take a moment to remember the lives lost to suicide, or murder. Take a moment to say their names, for they will not be silenced, not today.

Say Her name. Say His name. Say Their name.

Say our names and remember, for we will not be silenced.

Nathan DeGroot

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