Understanding and Evaluation!

This weekend has made it very clear just how much progress our group and I have made. I have been evaluating my skills to determine what I have learned. In my skill of Self Direction in the management indicator, I have gone from being able to describe my ability of self-direction to being able to feel I can relate it to other parts of my life. I believe I have made these changes because as a part of this group I have been holding myself accountable for trying to set up hangouts between my team. Furthermore, if I ever miss a hangout I know that it is my responsibility and I get in contact with my team as soon as I am next available. Clearly, this has helped me with my self-direction because it has helped me learn more about the importance of communication with the people around you. Without it, it can be hard for a team to find purposeful direction and progress. In the end, I know that I can use these skills for the rest of my life This is why I can relate this self-direction skill to other parts of my life.

In addition, another important skill I feel I have improved on is Responsible and Involved Citizenship in the strategic indicator This means I feel as though I can now evaluate the effect we have made on our audience and how they responded instead of just making decisions that are best for the team based on our audience! I believe I have made this advancement by beginning to understand more deeply what we are intending to do with this film and the audience we want to impact. Now that I have a better understanding of the film we want to create I have not only a better understanding of the audience we want but also the kind of impact we want to have. Clearly, we have not finished our film, so this evaluation has not been tested because I have not been able to talk to people about our movie, but from having a deeper understanding of what this documentary is aimed to do. I know how I want to react to these people and am excited to have increased our audience to consist of the Vermont State Government! I believe that with the audience we aim to impact, it will be a lot of fun to see how they consider the information!

Furthermore, I have made extreme advancements in my Clear and Effective Communication for research. I have gone from only ever experiencing school research. School research is different because it is controlled and you have to be checked every step of the way but, the research I do at WTS is allowing me to make my own decisions. This allows me to be able to do research on many diverse topics and with other people! I have been able to dig into Climate change to a deeper extent than I had ever known before! I feel as though I can use the research techniques I have learned during WTS for the rest of my life! I have learned how to write an effective title and I wrote my first blogpost ever, schedule hangouts and write effective emails! These skills will surely help me throughout the rest of my life into college and beyond!

I aim to make progress in the Clear and Effective Communication standard of storytelling. I want to make progress in this skill because I really like factual information, so I want to push myself out of my comfort zone to learn how to tell an effective story. At the moment I feel as though I can story tell in my film and presentations within the WTS community, however, I want to feel as though I can tell a story in another aspect of my life and to other audiences. I plan to do this by getting to know the audience well before telling the story so, I can connect with them. I will take the steps to become a good storyteller by expanding my writing to include the stories that will touch my audience, not only with emotions but relatable phrases. This weekend has really helped me understand the documentary I want to make and I am excited about the rest!

Farren Stainton

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