Unexpected Learning

A big thing that I learned was I’m better at winging situations and that preparing things doesn’t always work out as planned. So, I’m a very shy individual when placed in an unfamiliar or nerve wracking situation and I had to get up in front of all of my peers and talk to them. My partner wasn’t fond of the idea of speaking and nominated me to do a lot of the talking. We were given time in advance, and by time I mean about fifteen minutes, to prepare a sort of miniature speech to present to the whole group. Now, I suppose this is better than going in front of a bunch of students, teachers, and parents without preparation, but I still had no desire to do it. Even so, I did it. My entire body was shaking from nerves mostly and everything I had prepared with my teammate flew out of my brain through my ears and I had no idea what I was doing. I was trying really hard to stay grounded, I think that’s the best way to phrase how I felt. When I get nervous I can’t really feel my body- not to say I go numb, more like I’m unaware of where my body is even though I talk with my hands when I’m nervous. I only realize I do when everything is said and done. It’s strange to explain it. I’ve always been a bit more articulate and professional and skillful with my writing rather than my speech because then I can show off my extensive and vast vocabulary. Watch out Shakespeare! I’m here to take your place!

Another valuable thing I learned is that I’m better in social situations than I think sometimes. An issue I find myself having is that I tend to overthink things, and this ties into my being better at winging a situation, when I have no need to. Social situations in general make me uncomfortable and I’ve been told a lot recently that I hide that discomfort well. I think this could be important in many situations one doesn’t find themselves wanting to be in. I typically try to use humor as an outlet to break the ice or perhaps even identifying the awkwardness and laughing at it to try and ease some of the tension. WTS and having to put myself out there and interview people has been really scary for me but necessary in order to grow myself and as much as I may or may not hate that I have to be in a social setting, I realize its detrimental if I attempt to avoid it. Learning how to get past my own fear of social interaction, and even thought that fear has not been completely wiped from me, it’s been soothed a little bit with each meeting I’ve had. Having WTS here to give me those meetings and certain interactions has been very useful and helpful for me, so thank you WTS. <3

Melaina Bassette

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  • So, wanna practice that whole public speaking thing??? I’ve got a plan in mind! (MWAHAHAHAHAHA!)

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