Week 1 Discussion: Supported or Deported

Different Perspectives:

  • Immigrants
    • Understand what they are getting and are…
      • Happy
      • Upset
      • Unnerved
      • Isolated
      • duty-bound
  • Anti immigration
    • People think they take their jobs
  • People who don’t have a stance
    • Don’t care about the problem
    • Don’t know about the problem
      • Majority of population doesn’t know about the problem
  • Farmers
    • Need the workers for hard, cheap manual labor
    • Most likely don’t want them to be deported
    • Threaten the immigrants in some cases
    • Treat immigrants unfairly
  • Activists
    • Want to help the immigrant population
    • Likely to have a skewed perspective on the topic
    • Others want to help but don’t know how
  • Police
    • Have to do their job
    • Some respect the necessity of immigrants in Vermont
    • Others racially profile them, leading to their deportation



  • How are we going to take a new stance on this subject?
  • What happens now with President-elect Trump?
  • How do we get people to do an interview?
  • How much do families of the farmers know about? (Wife, Kids,)
    • Probably don’t want their kids to know… But also might be proud that they are helping people who need help
  • Are there female workers on farms?
  • Immigrant children…
    • How many are there?
    • What happens to them?


Possible People to Interview:

  • Migrant Justice
  • Juntos
  • Open Door Clinic
  • Vermont Folklife Center
  • Ambassador to Mexico (~Dec. 9-12)
  • Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Mexico (Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas)
  • Secretary of Finance (José Antonio Meade Kuribreña)
  • Secretary of Economy (Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal)
  • Border Patrol


Featured photo by Tomas Castelazo

Justin Holmes

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