Week 1 Research – Conflicts

What are the different conflicts/perspectives at play in the story?

The Mexican Farmworkers

  1. Unfair pay
  2. Long hours
  3. Poor living conditions
  4. Isolation
    • Every time they leave the farm, they run the risk of being deported
  5. No access to healthcare
  6. Theoretically no rights because they can’t complain to authority


The Farm Owners

  1. Want cheap labor
  2. Don’t want to deal with finding workers
  3. Can threaten workers
  4. Don’t have to treat them like an American
  5. The Immigration and Reform Act of 1986 outlawed hiring illegal alien workers, although common practice has proven that measure ineffective for two reasons:
    • The law requires proof that the employer knowingly hired the illegal worker.
    • The prevalence of fake documents makes it difficult to prove the employer knew that the employee’s work documents were not legitimate.


Migrant Justice (Activist Groups)

  1. Want to help the immigrants
  2. Have multiple programs in place to fight for their rights
    • Milk with Dignity (Ben and Jerry’s)
  3. Protested resulting in the release of multiple Mexicans



  1. Understand that we need the immigrants in our state
  2. Have to do their job (deport illegal aliens)



Featured Image by Migrant Justice

Justin Holmes

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