Week 2 Details to This Story

What are the details of the story we are pursuing?

Current understanding:

Migrant Workers:

Migrants come here for work and pay that they might not be able to get in their current home. They often go back to the same orchard that they go every year, and they know the farmer well. They might have one place to stay, and they cannot go out often for fear of being caught by police and deportation. Many do not speak english, and live inside their own migrant worker bubble. They might know that they are being treated unfairly, but they either need the money or they are unwilling or unable to complain and/or stop working.


The farmers are getting cheap labor and providing migrants with jobs they might now be able to get elsewhere. I am not sure if the money they are getting is taxed, but if not than that is even better for them. These farmers are also in the position to blackmail these migrants if necessary, being able to go to the cops at any time. Some farmer’s might want to help these migrants, but many are doing it for the cheap labor.

Activist Groups:

These activist groups believe that these migrants should be treated the same way that any other US citizen is treated, with respect and with equality. They think that treatment of migrants is unfair, and they want to help these migrants with english, with better living conditions, and with equal pay and rights.


For the police, it is there jobs to try to catch, and deport these migrants. They personally might not support it, but they still need to follow orders. I am thinking that there must be some kind of an agreement, because they must know that so many dairy farms have migrants working on them, and it is broadcast everywhere.

Nigel Wormser

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