Week 2 – What are the details?

What are the details? My current knowledge

  • Migrant workers get poor quality living conditions
    • poor quality houses
      • small houses – 200 feet minimum
    • below minimum wages for more hours
    • threat of being deported
    • have to buy their own food but don’t like to risk going in to public places
    • can’t drive
    • can’t get an education
    • have no health care
  • need the jobs to support themselves and their possible families
  • are mistreated by some farmers and stereotyped by society


  • Activists want to help migrant workers because they believe in human rights
  • there are programs and have been protests that have been put on by these activists
  • Migrant Justice is a large activist group in Vermont


  • Farmers hire workers because they are willing to do jobs other locals aren’t
  • colleges don’t teach students to farm which discourages them to do labor work
  • this leaves only the workers to work on the farms


  • agriculture is 70% of Vermont’s economy
  • our economy depends on the migrant workers
  • police know about this dependency and try to steer clear of migrant workers but they still have to do their job


  • majority of population don’t understand the topic or aren’t aware of it
  • people who are against migrant workers think they steal jobs and are terrible people because they don’t know what the situation really is




Group Conversation:

  • legal immigrants should be the ones to participate in our video
  • illegal stay for years on dairy farms
  • legal stay for periods of time during harvest time
  • have poor quality lives
    • small, low quality houses
    • lower than minimum wages
    • long hours
    • no health care
    • unable to leave farm
    • live in their own bubble removed from society
    • live a life of secrecy and hiding
  • some people want to help migrant workers
    • Migrant Justice is one and a good source for interviewing and help
    • protests and programs are ways of help
  • some want to use and abuse or don’t understand migrant workers
    • believe migrant workers are stealing jobs
    • believe stereotypes of migrants
  • Americans think of labor jobs as jobs for uneducated
  • this leaves migrant workers to do these jobs
  • what is the impact of the election?
    • How can we use the election to create change?
  • Why do they come here?


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Photo taken by USDA 

Elsa Lindenmeyr

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