Week 3 Questions on Migrant Workers

What are the questions we have now about our topic / issue?

  • How many migrants speak English?
  • Do workers communicate with each other outside of the farm?
  • How in-tune are migrants, do they use internet?
  • How many migrants own cars or cellphones? Gas and water? How many have insurance and credit cards? Welfare? Medicare and Medicaid?
  • How often do migrants get caught? What is the punishment (Other than deportation)
  • How do farmers get in touch with new migrants?
  • How much money do migrants make?
  • Do farmers get prosecuted if they employ migrants?
  • Do other states have this problem (if you can call it a problem)? How about other countries?
  • Once deported, how often do migrants come back?
  • What are activists doing to help these migrants?
Nigel Wormser

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