Week 3 – What questions do I have?

Questions I have about the issue of migrant workers on dairy farms in Vermont:


  • How strongly do farmers who employee migrant workers agree with these stereotypes?
  • Are these stereotypes come from some truth or just superstition?
  • Where did the stereotypes of migrants originate from?
  • Does the majority of society rely on stereotypes when they think of these workers?
  • What is the government’s opinion on migrant workers?
    • Are they willing to bend the law to protect their economy or do they feel these migrant workers are a threat?
    • What lengths are police willing to go to protect their economy?
    • What are police’s opinions on migrant workers?
      • Are they even truly aware of the situation they are in?
  • How aware is the public of this issue?





Question Mark taken by Ryan Milani

Elsa Lindenmeyr

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