Week three huddle 20-21

Our small group consisted of Cecilia, Cordelia, Asa, Maryjane, and our mentor Bill. We met every Tuesday to talk about the short film. We talked about the impact of the film, the pros and cons of the film, and also we talked about what could make the film better. I had a great time working in a small group because we all had a lot of time to get our own ideas out to others.

One thing that I noticed about the films is that they had a great opening scene to get the viewer wanting to watch the rest of the film. They also set the scene of the film and the mood. Another thing the filmmakers did was interview people and got their story. They also used. lot of great B Roll to make the film more interesting.

I am really excited to work with a great group of people. I am really excited to brainstorm more ideas and hear other peoples opinions.

Nate Tidwell

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