Month One Done!

Ella Stainton

How did your team do with your meetings? How did you build understanding through conversation? What was exciting/difficult about working in a small team?  I think my team did well with our meetings, we talked about the questions and films and our everyday life in general. As we talked about our prompts we commented on each others answers and made connections between them. We also answered other peoples questions to help each others understandings. It was fun to work in small group with new people after not seeing people outside of my bubble for so long. It was so nice to meet new people and even though there were some technical difficulties it was still a lot of fun! The prompt videos were also so interesting to watch because each of the films had a slightly similar but also very different ways of filming.

What are 2 -3 ideas/techniques you noticed that might be helpful when you make a film? How might you apply those choices to a topic you are interested to create a film about? Some techniques I saw that I think would be helpful for my film are: b-roll, backstories, and meaning. I need video b-roll to introduce people to the film and make sure everyone understands what the film is about. I need backstories so that people watching the film can make a connection to the people in the film and see that they are just people too. These will affect my film decisions because it has to be something that is easy to film and have meaning behind it. My two ideas for a film right now are the Pink Tax and the Vermont Prison System. I want to do the pink tax because it is something that has and probably will effect me for the rest of my life. I want to do the prison system to raise awareness for what is going on in prisons to make more people see that Vermont and America as a while need to reform our prison system.

What are you looking forward to in the year ahead with WTS, and what questions do you have about that work? I am looking forward to meeting more people and making more connections with resources for learning. I can wait to meet you all! I also can’t wait to get to use a camera to look at something I am passionate about. I want to learn more about how to film so that in an upcoming year I can make my own documentary! I am so excited!

Ella Stainton

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