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What really gets under my skin is how our president, and many people in this country want guns to stay legal. There are no good reasons why guns should even be allowed in this country, but there are many reasons why guns should be outlawed. There have been numerous school shootings this year, that has caused many deaths and injuries. The people that don’t want guns to be outlawed are supporting the rights to have guns in this country. And, when people have guns in this country, they shoot people. It’s like they’re trying to start some sort of war. Like they want people to die, for no good reason. Many people have lost family members, classmates, and friends because of a school shooting they never expected would actually happen.

Anyone at the required age can buy a gun, and do whatever they want with it. Now, the problem in that is: Anyone can buy a gun when they reach the required age. That means that someone could buy a gun, plan a shooting, and then shoot. But, none of this would be able to happen if guns were outlawed.

It seems like some people actually want guns to be outlawed but, they aren’t doing enough or anything to show that. So, our president is just letting it slide, mainly because it looks like he doesn’t really care if guns are outlawed. Instead, he actually wants to do the opposite and bring more guns into the world, and supply teachers with them, so the teachers can “protect” the students and themselves. The point is that, guns are and will continue to cause many problems in this world, unless we start doing something to change that. Unfortunately, right now it looks like that the only people who are really passionate about changing the gun laws/ or outlawing guns, are the people who were involved in a school shooting. 

Guns make it pretty easy to kill a person. All you have to do is buy a gun and then pull the trigger. Although I have never been in a school shooting, and hopefully never will, I can only imagine how unprotected, scared and worried I would feel after. The only affect guns have on people is fear. I think that this is a pretty controversial and broad topic, but people should start thinking about the world with no guns in it. Maybe people will start realizing that guns aren’t the only defense, that guns are causing extreme mental and physical harm to people, and not everyone is or should be trusted with a gun. My hope is that someday people will come to their senses and realize that guns are the root to most of our problems (wars, deaths, attacks…etc). The more time that we spending sitting down, not paying much attention the this problem the bigger the problem is going to get.

Some questions about this topic are:

  • Why are we still holding on to guns?
  • How many more shooting until people come to their senses?
  • When will the fear of guns and shootings end?
  • How much impact is needed for this project to have affect?
Ella Beerworth

4 Responses to “What Gets Under My Skin?

  • Ella,

    I can see your passion in your writing about this topic. As a high school student I have had many thoughts about what safety I have at school (Or don’t have for that matter) and it scares me to think that one day my entire life could be changed drastically. With the pull of a trigger, my world could be turned upside down, inside out, and become a tangled mess of fear, anxiety, and trauma. I really like the line “The more time that we spending sitting down, not paying much attention to this problem the bigger the problem is going to get.” It shows that you are willing to take action and begin the battle against guns. Your writing really makes me think about what our world could be with gun control.


  • Ella,

    As Katelyn said before me, your passion on this topic shines through. You raise some important issues facing our country, including school shootings, access to guns, and Washington’s role (or lack thereof) in addressing these problems. You’ve also generated several challenging questions, none of which, I suspect, have simple answers.

    I’d like to revisit one of your statements and encourage you to deepen your thinking about them. The first is, “There are no good reasons why guns should even be allowed in this country.” To many, that no doubt appears to be the case. But what you might ask yourself, should you decide to pursue this topic, is something like, “What reasons do people *believe* to be good ones?” There are many folks on the opposite side of this issue, and understanding the way they think strikes me as key to making change.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Ella,
    I completely understand your stance on gun laws. Our government is not doing enough to protect students and that’s a really big problem. Where do you see yourself going with this idea and how do you plan to make a change in your community? I can tell your really passionate about this and that’s great! To make a meaningful and change making project you need passion, something I think you have tons of! I hope you see this idea through and make a project out of it, you really make a lot of change with your idea. Don’t be afraid to start small, change can happen with just one small step.

  • This is a really important issue in our country and in our state too. Many vermonter are pro gun and that is why I think it is such an important issue because we need to advertise how awful these weapons are and how much harm they can cause. I am interested to see if you keep pursuing this topic because I would like to know more about this topic. I can tell just in your writing how passionate you are about this topic and I think thats wonderful. I know I personally am terrified of guns and all that has been going on in this country so I have so much respect for you and your passion for this topic.

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