What I Was (not) Taught

I have learned so much this year and it is still just the beginning. I think that the beauty behind the leaning that takes place with WTS, other than the intentional things like filming and digging dipper into social justice topics, is that I learn things that may have been unintentionally taught by the teachers/leaders and peers; let me elaborate.

There are certain things no matter how hard a teacher tries they just can’t teach a person. I think that this year has proven that even though we are in the midst of a national pandemic we can still learn these untaught things. I have learned (unintentionally) how to better communicate with others, particularly people I do not know well. Learning and working with people virtually both through email and zoom requires you to really specific so that things are clear, otherwise you have to write and read a lot more emails! I realized this while interacting with my groups and also when setting up interviews. I have also learned how to research more effectively. while reading about equity in education i have come across different “facts” and i have to find out what facts are the real facts. I also think that I learned how to brainstorm over a longer period of time than I usually do when I choose topics. For example, at school we usually choose a topic and begin research. Sometimes you come to a dead end and wish you didn’t have to do the project. But I saw that with WTS we spent weeks thinking about topics before choosing. That really helped me make sure I thought I would be interested for a longer time.

I think some of the things I have learned (intentionally) including how to film, use the camera, tripod and microphones and how to conduct an interview and even using the Rule of thirds and and I think a lot about lighting when I watch videos and movies now. I have also learned to work with other people towards one common goal.

In other news my group finally chose a topic to research, we are going to look into economic inequities in school. This week, before our next meeting, I am going to talk to a teacher Bethany Morrissey about her view on the topic. (She is my mother, so it was an easy one to set up!) I am looking forward to meeting with my group this Wednesday.

Emma Morrissey

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