What path to take – Post 3

As of last week, I was in the midst of researching two topics: the influence of the confederate flag in Franklin County, and DACA recipients. There are so many different ideas I have that are bouncing around in my head, and I am not sure which path to take. In regards to the confederate flag, I think I have several beneficial resources as a member of AWOD at school, which is co-run by the Anti Defamation league, as well as a member in Black Lives Matter Vermont who has attended rallies and was given other gateways by fellow WTS advisors. For DACA recipients, I am not aware necessarily who or where to get in touch with, but my aunt is a principal in New York City, and has many students under the dreamers program that I would be able to get a hold of. I would like to keep my focus more centered in Vermont. So, instead of focusing specifically on DACA recipients, I might turn towards issues concerning refugees/immigrants based on the benefits they receive living here, and how they are treated in the work force, school settings, etc and if a change can come about from that. Getting in touch with those who work day in and day out to make life easier for refugees/immigrants is of great interest to me and I would like to start more of a foundation so I could decide between both topics.

Here are a few questions I believe would help advance me further into my research:

  1. What is the population of refugees/immigrants in Vermont and what type of “pursuit of happiness” are they afforded upon living here?
  2. Who could I reach out to, that has worked with refugees and or immigrants?
  3. How would my assistance be beneficial?



2 Responses to “What path to take – Post 3

  • This is definitely a good topic. Do you have any close friends or connections who may be immigrants that you could speak to? I think really zooming in on first hand experience would be really impactful.

  • Hi Kiara,

    I agree with Mariana here, I think finding/making connections would make your topic more vivid for people. Personal stories always tend to reach an audience better than facts and figures can.


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