What WTS Has Taught Me

#1 Whats The Story VT has taught me how to be a contributing teammate, adding my own opinions to the list of the others. I have learned how to set up a camera and film an interview. Occasionally I will have problems with technology but I am able to work past it. I have set and reached many goals through WTS such as being able to talk to people on the phone which has been a great fear of mine. My current goal is get an interview with Bill Mckibben, this interview could be a big part of the story we are telling. I have contributed ideas, film, and positivity to my team. I can contribute what my team needs depending on the situation. WTS has taught me to be empathetic towards people who are willing to tell their stories, and to be open to different views and values. I have learned that there are different ways to tell ones story through film. It was interesting hearing how ski areas are already doing so much to mitigate climate change. WTS has forced me to write emails and to talk on the phone which are skills I will surely need in my adult life.

#2 Between now and April fourth I hope to have interviewed Bill Mckibben and Aaron Preston. Bill Mckibben is an author and environmentalist who would add a lot to my WTS teams film. Aaron Preston is an assistant professor of atmospheric sciences who would be able to answer our questions about the actual data of Vermont’s changing winters


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