#2: Where Am I Right Now?

I’m so lost. Usually I can think of ideas for anything but right now my head is dead. My racing thought process is in a glitch reminding me over and over: I am really full right now. Maybe this is what people call a learning experience? Another fancy phrase for “don’t do that again, please”. I could also be very tired but I’m blaming my food coma at the moment. It was the soda most definitely.

P.S. I had to find an image for this post and I love cats so I wanted to find a cat photo depicting my exact feelings-and I did! Serendipitously (is that a word?) I thought of an idea: what if I did my thing on sheltered pets? Or the over population of cats without homes? Or just animals in general that aren’t treated as well as we thought they should be?

Keira Thorpe

6 Responses to “#2: Where Am I Right Now?

  • Colleen Kiley
    7 years ago

    Hi Kiera!

    My name is Colleen and…I love cats, too! ha. Just wanted to give a shout out. I’ve been involved in What’s the Story since it began, three years ago, and this year I am participating by being a blog reader. Don’t worry about coming up with a topic–it will come to you, eventually. The kick-off day is always overwhelming and filled with tons of ideas. Some people feel inspired right off the bat, others think, “what did I get myself in to?!” If you’re currently experiencing the latter, not to worry, you truly will find something that gets you excited, just give yourself some time to soak up everything for now.
    Enjoy the process and I look forward to reading all about it!
    Colleen Kiley

  • Thank you Colleen! I wasn’t too worried about the topic because I also felt like it’d come to me but the pressure to find someone I’m passionate about is pretty heavy. I can’t wait to find out what I want to wholeheartedly pursue!

  • Nate Archambault
    7 years ago

    hi Kiera,

    My name is a Nate Archambault. i am an English teacher at Bellows Free Academy in St. Albans. I will be one of your blog readers throughout the course.

    I have two cats at home as well, Winston and Jezebel.

    It certainly sounds like you have a passion for animals. There are certainly many ways that this could be worked into your your project. If I had to guess, I’d say that you enjoy creative writing? If so, how might you work this into your project? The options are endless!

    • I do love animals very much (not sure if being vegan is a credential?) but so does everyone else. It’s easy to force people to sympathize with kittens and puppies (who doesn’t cry watching SPCA rescue commercials?). Though what about other animals too? Such as the common cow or the average chicken? Maybe even geese and mice? If I do anything for animals it’d be for all animals not only the ones that everyone blurts “Aww!” reflexively at. I’d use my creative writing to create another image for domestic and non domesticated animals by finding a new perspective of their lives and showing people that just because we’re used to it being a certain way doesn’t mean there isn’t something else we could do.

  • Hi, Keira!

    My name is Emily Pecsok and I’m a ninth grader at MUHS. I took the course last year and I remember feeling exactly like you do at last year’s kickoff. I honestly had no idea what my possible topic could be, and I was really indecisive about it. My advice is don’t worry about it. I think it’s great that you have an idea for a topic and you should start looking into it now, but be sure to keep an open mind. You’ll find a topic your passionate about, and when you do, it will be such a rewarding experience.

    Good luck!

    • Greetings, Emily! (I forgot to say hello back on a lot of my comments 🙁 )

      My name is Keira Thorpe and I’m an eleventh grader at MUHS. Looks like we go to the same school! Sorry if I haven’t said hello or acknowledged you possibly in the hallway in passing (I wish these comments had emojis!). Usually my eyes wander to the side because that’s how I ponder-amble. So I don’t stare at passer byers (bys?) or the people I don’t intend to creep out by spacing out on their face. It’s like my head can’t sit still!

      I’m getting side tracked! Thank you for the advice and comforting. My reasoning for searching for a topic is finding something I think about a lot and something I find I can focus on because it’s in my life daily. I have a cat (I should really post a picture of her or them depending on which one cooperates) and I love bread but I also feel passionate about writing deep down. It’s something I’d like to pursue later on in life and until then I just practice. Though the movement I think that best promotes creativity incorporating writing is What’s the Story? already and I’m glad I’m apart of it and took the chance when it dropped by.

      Thank you again for your thoughtful and uplifting comment Emily! It made me think and I think that’s what this blog is about to begin with haha

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