#1: Who I Am and Why I’m Here

My name is Elsa Lindenmeyr and I’m a 8th grader from Shelburne Community School. I am curious, a self learner and determined. I also push myself out of my comfort zone and have a good work ethic. I am so thrilled to do this course.

I’m here to learn about sharing our opinions through social media in a safe and respectable way. I want to be able to share my opinion on the problems of my community without hurting anyone. I also don’t want to show certain parties any disrespect without meaning to.

I want to be able to take the problems in society that I know of and look more into depth about them. One of those problems is education and it’s cost. How much should a decent schooling cost and what should the limit of that cost be. What happens after school is also linked to this topic. Many students after college are in serious debt and don’t have enough proficient job opportunities to push them out of debt and into a more independent and reliable situation.

I am here because I want to work with kids of varying ages and learn from them. I hope to be taught by more experienced writers and journalists and then take that information and apply it to my future and my school assignments.

The last thing I want to learn while I’m here is how to get in the flow more easily with writing. I already am good enough at soccer to be able to get into the flow, and want to use that as a reference of what it feels like. I want to learn to get into the flow during school or when I’m doing my homework.

I am the one who is ready for a challenge and an adventure. I am the one who wants to do her best and push her limits. I am the one who is here because she wants to learn and try new things. I am myself.

Elsa Lindenmeyr

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  • Hi Elsa!
    I’m so excited you’re in What’s the Story with me, it seems like you’re fired up and reading to dig deeply into some social issues! I’m interested in what you learned last year from WTS (if I remember correctly you did it last year right?) And what are you going to take from that experience, and what are you going to try to do differently? When I met you I thought for sure you were older than 8th grade (I remember I asked if you were a senior!) and this is because your level of interest in the community and the way you articulated that was super impressive. I wish you luck in choosing your topic!

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