Why I’m Here

I am here because I believe that students and youth do not have enough of a voice in their community. What’s the Story is allows students to voice their opinion about an issue that is important or personal to them, and have it go public. Creating a project on something you are interested in is important but letting it be seen is what takes your voice to another level. What’s the story allows me to influence an issue positively in a way that is unique to any other program. I was really excited about the resources available to us, whether it be support from directors, or equipment to make an inspiring documentary. I think that I will be able to impact a relevant issue with my work which is why I applied for What’s the Story.

Liv Hennessey

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  • Hi Liv,
    When reading your blog post something that stuck out to me was this line ” I believe that students and youth do not have enough of a voice in their community.” When you said this it caught my attention and made me wonder how just this sentence could be a topic of change. But it also leads me to wonder what are you thinking about for a topic?

    It sounds like you are ecstatic about the change you can bring with your work. As the work will allow you to show others what matters to you. It will also give the community a point of view of a student that is motivated and is effected or generally interested in the issue.

    Another thing that I’m wondering is have you done a self-exploration project before? That truly discovers what you’re interested in. If so was it a factor in you deciding to join What’s the Story?

    I hope you have a great week.

  • It IS exciting to have such great resources available to us through What’s the Story. In your coming posts, I look forward to hearing about some of the issues that you think Vermont youth should be speaking out about. Did you propose or hear about any ideas that you’re passionate about at our first meeting?

  • Hi Liv! I was a mentor last year, and although I couldn’t make the time for that role this year, I am delighted to be a blog reader, and hear about your initial ideas for What’s the Story. You could not be more right when you wrote, “What’s the story allows me to influence an issue positively in a way that is unique to any other program. ” Not only can you find a powerful voice, but you can enact meaningful change. I witnessed that last year, and know that is absolutely possible for you. So… what are you thinking about? What drew you to this program? What infuriates you or thrills you? Seriously, I can’t wait to find out where your inquiry leads!!

    All the best,

    Moira Donovan

  • Liv,

    I’ll second what Moira says. I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas turn your crank or, perhaps more accurately, turn you cranky. 🙂

    Like Meredith, I think your comment about not having voice in your community is a good starting point for idea-storming. What communty (ies) are you talking about? What are your communities? And where do you feel you don’t have voice? Why? And what could you (and others) do if you did have voice? And are there some issues you need voice to change?

    I look forward to working with you.


  • Hi Liv,

    It’s great that you’re so excited about not only creating a project about something you’re passionate about, but also about impacting the community. Regardless of what topic you choose to pursue, it will influence people “positively” and “in a way that is unique,” just like you said.

    You’re eager to make a difference, and you couldn’t have a better attitude, in my opinion, coming into this program. Do you have a topic in mind that you want to learn more about? Your first sentence about student voices could be a great starting point for you, as you express dissatisfaction with how little say youth have in their communities.

    You sound very motivated and happy with your decision to join What’s the Story? this year. I hope you find the issue most important to you and go after it!

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