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I am here because I want to learn more about a topic I’m interested in, and take action. I also love new learning opportunities, and I like to try new and different things. I am here because I think it is important to be educated about different topics, and be educated in unfamiliar areas.I want to find a topic I am very passionate about and learn more about it, through WTS. I believe it is a great idea to try something different, and new once in a while. I am excited to learn and experience new obstacles in this program.

Ella Beerworth

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  • Dear Ella,

    Your note made me think of all the young people who want to make a difference, learn about new things and, yes, experience obstacles as they learn and act.

    All good wishes for the WTS year ahead.

    Dixie Goswami
    BLTN NextGen Network

  • Ella, thanks for sharing this. It’s succinct and to the point. I particularly liked this sentence: “It is important to be educated about different topics, and be educated in unfamiliar areas.”

    A couple of thoughts: to “be” educated, one has to be active in the learning process; and to go to “unfamiliar” subject areas is exactly what will stretch you. And, as I said at the first session, I used to and I encouraged the editors and reporters who worked for me, to come into every story from a position of ignorance, that is, “I know nothing, but my ears and eyes and mind are open to learn as deeply and quickly as I can.”

    You will have fun this year. You’ll be challenged, too. I look forward to working with you.


  • Ella,

    I really appreciate that I can share my interest in learning new things with you. The way you talk about knowledge and becoming more educated on things that matter is beautiful. You’re enthusiasm puts a smile on my face because I can understand your willingness to try new things and see the world through different experiences. I am excited to see how you evolve through the learning that WTS can offer.


  • Ella,

    I’m Bob Uhl, an English teacher at Tuttle Middle School in South Burlington.

    I’ll echo Dixie in referring to your comment about looking forward to new obstacles. It’s not often I hear people say that–even adults who have been working in a profession for many years. And yet I think there’s a wisdom not just to expecting hardships but actually embracing them, because, as you seem to grasp, overcoming them is ultimately what leads to growth.

    Though I was absent from our kickoff in Middlebury, I’m excited to meet you and hear more about what topics you might aspire to pursue this year!

    Until then,


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