Women’s Rights

How / What I Learned

  • How did you approach your research? I used the fall menu to help me choose a new way to research women’s rights each week. I did a couple different things:
    • I listened to a short news clip on VPR about women leaving the workforce because of COVID-19
    • I interviewed my mom, neighbor, and aunt on there perspectives on women’s rights
    • I listened to a radio show on NPR about the women’s recession happening right now (she-cession)
    • I made a mind map of all my research
  • What are some of your most interesting findings?
    • It was interesting to find out more about how COVID-19 is affecting women and women in the workforce. For example: 865,000 women left the workforce between August and September.
    • When I interviewed people I liked learning how they think about women’s rights, what they see as problems and some of their experiences.
    • I learned about how women in sports have also been fighting for women’s rights. Like a bike racer named Georgia Gould who fought for equal prize money for women in racing.
  • How would you describe the main conflict in this topic / story? Women don’t have equal rights compared to men.
    • Careers: When I interviewed my 65 year old aunt and 80 year old neighbor they both said that they wanted to become veterinarians when they were younger. But they both became nurses because there was unspoken pressure and norms to follow. This is kind of funny, but I don’t think it’s coincidence because the typical jobs for women at the time were teachers and nurses. I also heard something when I listening to a radio show about a woman who was a lawyer but when her kids were born she started her own small business because it was a more flexible job so she could take care of her kids. During COVID she had to shut down her business for good and she is now wondering if she had stayed being a lawyer if she would still have a job.
    • Athletics: I found out that with some sports that the men’s team was founded a lot earlier than the women’s team. For example the NBA (national basketball association) was founded in 1946 while the WNBA (women’s national basketball association) was founded in 1996. Another example is that the women’s US soccer team was being paid less than the men’s US soccer team. Megan Rapinoe from the women’s US soccer team fought for equal pay.
    • Reproductive Rights: Women have the right to make choices about their body. With the current state of the supreme court Roe v. Wade is under pressure.
    • Childcare: Some mothers stop working to take care of their kids. For example this year my mom took a year off from being a teacher due to uncertainties and responsibilities with remote learning for my 7 year old brother.
  • Who are the stakeholders or characters involved? 
    • All girls and women
    • Women athletes
    • Women of color and Latinx women
    • Pregnant women

My Perspective / Angle

  • If you / others decided to pursue this story this year, what are some of the key questions that still need to be answered? 
    • Why do women not have equal rights compared to men?
    • What is the pink tax?
    • What are common expectation that we as a society have placed on women that inhibit there freedom? Who made these expectations?
    • What other areas in women’s lives are their rights not equal?
  • Any thoughts on whether / how you can approach this story in a way that is novel / hasn’t been done before? You could focus on two different opinions about something, if one person sees it one way talk about other people who see it differently. For example you could try to understand why some people think women do have equal rights now and why they think this.

My Current Enthusiasm

  • How enthusiastic are you about this topic? Be honest, and perhaps indicate what is getting in the way of unrelenting enthusiasm. I am interested in this topic but I’m not super enthusiastic. I think one reason for this is that I haven’t found a topic inside women’s rights that I am super interested in and curious about. If I were working in a group I wonder if I would find a subtopic of interest from seeing somebody else’s ideas and perspectives.
  • Are you open to considering another topic? Yes, I am open to considering another topic. I would also love to work in a group with whatever topic I choose. I really enjoy working with others, whether the focus is women’s rights or a different topic.
Photo Citation: Gittleman, S. (2019). The '60s on the hill. Tufts, 55.

Ruth Krebs

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