Work Day

Today we talked a lot about the meaning of genderqueer and other umbrella terms. There is no single definition for genderqueer, transgender, and so many other terms used to describe gender identity. Its so important that people know that, because like many sis people new to the world of gender, they ask questions, but for many people, they end up getting 15 different answers, or no answer at all. To be able to say that genderqueer is one thing and one thing only, is like saying that all straight people are same, but of coarse, thats not true. The same goes for all of the other umbrella terms used for gender identity. We continued to talk about the importance of the women’s march, and how many trans and queer women didn’t feel like they were represented at the march. When you say women’s march, many people think of sis straight women marching for things like equal pay or planned parenthood, but what about the women who are fighting for things like acceptance and safety, just because they are queer, or even an LGBT ally. If we accepted all the women in the US, the women’s march would finally be true to its meaning. It would finally be a march for equality, for acceptance and understanding. I also created our documentary storyboard in google draw.

Grace Darrow

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