Working through difficulties

How have you, your teammates, and mentor been working since the overnight? My group (me, Farren, Jules, and Erik) have been having some scheduling issues. Even though we haven’t been able to make a hangout that everyone has been able to attend, we’ve been able to communicate over the hangouts texting feature.

What have you accomplished and what are your next steps? Farren and I were able to meet for a little while on Wednesday night and talked about what kind of impact we want to make with our film. We also came up with some more questions to research regarding our topic. For now we are going to continue to research our topic and get a better understanding of it.

What are your most pressing questions? A question I have for my group is: what is a good time that works for everybody to do the hangouts? A question I have for WTS is: what are we going to use to edit our videos ( I know that we aren’t going to do that any time soon, but I was just wondering). have a nice day 🙂 -Alden


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