WTS Reflection on Current Experience

The small group I worked in was comprised of six wonderful people, Cecilia, Cordelia, Maryjane, Nate, myself and our mentor, Bill. We met every Tuesday to discuss the short films that had been emailed out earlier that week. In our meetings, we discussed what made the film good, and what we thought could have improved it. One strategy we used to make the most of our time was writing down our thoughts and then reading them as soon as we came into the zoom room. I really enjoyed working in a small group. This meant we had more time for everybody to get their ideas in, and more time for discussion on the similarities and differences of our thoughts.

Some things that I noticed that made the film better are the opening shots. They really help set the scene of where you are, and what the general mood is. In the opening, with out really meeting any characters, you want to know what the film is about. Another thing that I noticed really helped how the film was done is by giving characters emotions. When the filmmakers showed characters emotions and portrayed them as people, it really enhanced the film and gave people good reason to be invested in the characters. I also noticed that having an story arc is also important. This doesn’t mean there has to be a plot, or drama, but it does mean that there should be a sequence of events that are engaging, and a clear beginning, middle and end. One way that a filmmaker could do this is by giving good context and having in depth research.

I am really excited for the next stage of What’s the Story! I am looking forward to brainstorm ideas and hear other peoples opinions and topics that interest them. I don’t have any questions yet, but might soon!

Image: “Reflection on Lake Tso Moriri ~ Ladakh, India”  by  Martin Sojka.

Asa Baker-Rouse

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