WTS – Week 3 – Reflection on Previous Activities

my team did pretty well with our meetings. we were organized, and we were all able to express our ideas without any issues. although i was unable to attend the first full group meeting, i can compare this to my other large group zooms and the smaller groups are much easier to communicate it. that being said, with only a few members, it’s harder to get a variety of opinions or impressions. small groups are fun, but i’m excited to work with everyone tomorrow.

like i mentioned above, the small groups are very effective for organized communication. if you plan on creating a film together, you need to think together. it’s a group project which means that all opinions are equally important. it’s also helpful to have an agenda for your scheduled time with your group. if you don’t have a plan, how can you expect to execute a productive meeting? it’s hard enough to secure a time and date that works with everyone’s schedule, don’t waste it trying to figure out what should’be been considered beforehand. i also truly cannot emphasize how important it is to have individuals complete work on their own time. it’s imperative that assignments are completed BEFORE the meetings. otherwise, that short period of time together is wasted. being unprepared is never helpful.

i’m looking forward to collaborating with others to create something that strongly influences the mindset of our audience. i want to make an impact., but i want to get others motivated as well. change requires support. we can help generate that support and thus create the change that could seriously affect the lives of others.

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