Creative Conversations

Calling All Conductors of Light!

WTS, in partnership with the Bay & Paul Foundations, presents a series of monthly, playful, hour-long explorations. 

Creative Conversations:

Teaching in Ways More Compatible with How Our Students Learn

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When: The first Wednesday of each month, from 3:30 – 4:30. We’ll convene our second gathering on Wednesday, January 6 from 3:30 – 4:30 for Wild Learning? Unpacking Learning Law #2. (Here’s a reflection about our first meeting, held on December 6.)

What: Bill Rich & Tim O’Leary, Co-Directors of What’s the Story? (WTS), will be hosting this monthly, hour-long series to help educators think through their operating systems–their habitual ways of thinking about teaching and learning–and offer ideas and resources for adopting a more brain-compatible approach to teaching and learning. Our jumping-off point will be the blog post, Trust the Science: Using Brain-Based Learning to Upgrade Our Educational OS

How: Each session will begin with a brief and compelling overview of a law of learning, followed by small group, guided discussions. How does this law play out in our setting? What resources can we bring to this conversation? What are some of our most pressing questions about teaching in ways more compatible with how our students learn? Participants will leave with access to a range of resources (including access to WTS’ Instructional Team) to support next steps. 

Why: This year, thanks to funding from the Bay & Paul Foundation, What’s the Story? (WTS) will be getting the word out about a) the brain-based principles of learning design that underpin the program and b) the range of free resources and support we can provide to help educators eager to teach in ways more compatible with how their students learn.