Teaching & Learning Resources

What’s the Story? offers a wide variety of professional development opportunities and access to our teaching resources curated and developed over our history:

  1. Teaching Toolkit: We have begun to package dozens of learning modules centered around our major learning threads of the program.
  2. Creative Conversations: Join the WTS VT Co-Directors as they host monthly conversations on the principles and practices of the program.
  3. Outreach & Partnerships: WTS VT establishes partnerships with teachers, schools, and districts to apply the principles and practices of WTS VT in local settings.
  4. The WTS Lab: Educators visit and observe our core program.
  5. Fellowships: Secondary teachers are awarded fellowships to attend the Middlebury Bread Loaf School of English and join become a teaching-partner within WTS VT during the following year.

Click the links above for more information and reach out to us at whatsthestoryvt@gmail.com.