Professional Development

What’s the Story? (WTS VT) offers three types of professional development.

  1. Fellowships: Secondary teachers are awarded fellowships to attend the Bread Loaf School of English and join become a teaching-partner within WTS VT during the following year.
  2. Outreach & Partnerships: WTS VT establishes partnerships with teachers, schools, and districts to apply the principles and practices of WTS VT in local settings.
  3. The WTS Lab: Educators visit and observe our core program.

Below is more information about each. For even more information, please contact us at

Fellowships to the Bread Loaf School of English

Become a member of WTS VT’s Instructional Team by applying for a generous fellowship to attend the Bread Loaf School of English (BLSE). These fellowship enable Vermont secondary teachers to study at BLSE, participate in summer Bread Loaf Teacher Network meetings, and prepare to assume their role as a member of the upcoming year’s Instructional Team.

Some of these fellowships are generously funded by the Bay and Paul Foundations.

Outreach & Partnerships

WTS VT co-directors lead teams from public middle or high schools at different stages of implementing personalized, proficiency-based learning. The teams explore the principles and practices of WTS VT to identify how each may adapt them in ways that make sense in their schools or districts.

Students, educators, and/or administrators from these partner schools meet throughout the year for on-site (their school/district) professional development provided by WTS VT co-directors in consultation with school/district administrators. Partners may also attend and participate in the core WTS VT sessions and retreats, access funding for related equipment (eg, media kits), and use all of the materials used by What’s the Story? that inspire and guide students to make impactful change in their communities and the world.

Potential partner schools or districts should begin a conversation with our two co-directors: Bill Rich and Tim O’Leary ( – before crafting and submitting a proposal using this Request For Proposals guide.

Outreach and partnerships are generously funded by the Bay and Paul Foundations.

The WTS VT Lab

If you’re curious to see how What’s the Story? works, come spend time with us for some free, embedded PD during any of our in-person meetings. We are always open to educators visiting in order to gain knowledge about what we do. Simply contact us at to let us know when you’d like to join us, and we’ll get you the details you need to arrive ready to make the most of your experience.

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